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Proofreading Out – FormaTexting In

Let’s face it, proofreading software technology doesn’t really work.

Professional writing is all about proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, tone and style. Does proofreading software assist with all the above? It does, but only up to a certain point.

Proofreading tools pride themselves on helping us avoid embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes, thus making our writing look more professional, comprehendible, and enriched.

But, is catching spelling and grammar mistakes enough?

Let’s assume that all the leading proofreading software like Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid, and Hemingway were all 100% error-free (quite impossible, as you know) and caught all the spelling and grammar mistakes one would have, prior to shooting the text to the recipient. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Now, what if the text wasn’t just a regular text, but a business one? What if you needed to send a business email to a company, colleague, client, or even your boss? Would you just care about your grammar and spelling? Would you be able to convey your message in a businesslike, professional and well-mannered tone, by just having perfect grammar and spelling?

We are what we say (and write)

The way we communicate reflects heavily on our personality, and showcases our professionalism, detail-orientation, and intelligence, as well as other important traits that are actually hidden from the recipients of our emails, since most communication today is done virtually. Furthermore, the way we correspond with others has a direct effect on our business results. In today’s competitive global village, companies cannot afford creating a bad image for themselves. Unprofessional and improper business emails create just that – bad corporate image. And it doesn’t end there: bad image leads to bad reputation, which directly leads to loss of business, which inevitably translates into loss of revenue for the company. FormaText solves this exact problem, all proofreading software tools don’t tackle. It helps writers compose professional, clear and effective business emails, by using thousands of formats that can actually predict writers’ writing intentions.

FormaText ensures that the quality of business writing stays concise, well-mannered and proficient at all times, so that writers achieve the best business results for themselves and their organization.

What can FormaText do for you and your organization that proofreading software cannot?

  1. Always maintain a businesslike framework when writing your emails.
  2. Use thousands of perfectly structured business formats with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone and style.
  3. Create and save your favorite business email formats for future use.
  4. Advance your and your company’s business image, every time you write.
  5. Dramatically decrease the time it takes to compose and send business emails.
  6. Comply with your organizational writing styles, standards and patterns by storing its unique formats, templates, acronyms, abbreviations, and any piece of writing you might need when sending your work-related emails.
  7. Boost your self-confidence and set your mind at ease about your written message, without the need to use multiple writing tools.
  8. Achieve better business results by conveying professional, practical and well-written messages.
  9. Follow the correct business email etiquette rules with every email you send.
  10. Use business email formats and writing styles of business professionals from all over the world.

Happy FormaTexting!